Jim Devonport 

Involved in the financial markets performing both sales and dealing roles since the mid 1980’s, Jim has a wealth of knowledge, experience and sales acumen that he uses to build and maintain long lasting business relationships.

Constantly travelling between the Australian and New Zealand offices, Jim’s primary aim is to assist business and high net worth clients on either side of the Tasman with their international money transfers and to effectively manage their foreign exchange risk. Jim happily does this with two main beliefs; the first is to not trying to make money from the financial markets, but by actively negating adverse market moves so thereby protecting your bottom line. The second is the use of a solid mix of spot and forward contracts, along with currency options when suitable, to help to create a watertight hedging strategy.

Jim is always glad to offer his guidance in any area of foreign exchange, or the financial markets as a whole, and welcomes the chance to meet with businesses or individuals for a brief chat or more detailed discussion.

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